The North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ Association is comprised of licensed dental hygienists in the state who are committed to preserving and protecting the oral health of our residents.   To complement their professional careers, these hygienists enjoy participating in community outreach programs at the local, state and national level.

In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, the North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ Association, in collaboration with the dental hygiene educational programs throughout state, will be offering free oral cancer screenings to adults on Saturday, April twenty-second from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. More than seven thousand five hundred people die from oral cancer each year. Don’t become a statistic – get screened. Qualified professionals will be on site, screening for any abnormal or suspicious lesions, sores or growths on the inside of your mouth, especially the tongue – the most common site for oral cavity cancer in the United States.  Oral cancer doesn’t have to be life-threatening. If diagnosed and treated early, the survival rate is good… but early detection is critical. Locate a screening event near you and find out more by clicking the links below. Get examined; it could save your life.






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A Message From Our President

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Dear fellow North Carolina dental hygienists,

I am privileged and honored to assume the role of President for the North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ Association.  During the next year I want to lead the way and be a strong voice to help move our profession forward as we continue to be champions of oral health.  My goal is to keep our leaders actively engaged and draw from expertise of others to support the initiatives of NCDHA.

Our 68-year history as a state association is evident across our leadership, voluntarism, and educational programs.  I am excited to bring my enthusiasm and dedication to this organization as we face new changes in our profession and within healthcare.  I want to promote more collaborative partnerships within our communities and across our great state.

I encourage you all to work with your leaders by telling us what you value most about your membership and how we can best contribute to your success.  We need your help to make positive changes to our profession.  I look forward to serving as your President in the coming months.


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Jennifer B. Harmon, RDH, MS

NCDHA President 2016 – 2017


2016 – 2017 NCDHA Executive Officers

2016-2017 Executive Committee

North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association
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The purpose of NCDHA is to represent the profession of dental hygiene while encouraging professional development based upon the highest educational standards.