The North Carolina Missions of Mercy (NCMOM) offers free dental treatment to those in financial need who have few or no other options for care. In North Carolina, the problem of access to dental care has reached nearly epidemic proportions. More than one million adults and children have no source for regular dental care. Many have never seen a dentist, and many suffer the complications of advanced dental disease. The NCMOM program is staffed by volunteers from across the State and funded by tax deductible donations to the NC Dental Health Fund.

Why volunteer? Volunteering at a Missions of Mercy project allows each of us to renew a sense of commitment and service with ourselves, our communities and our state. It is a soul satisfying experience because it comes from the goodness of your own heart, with no expectation of receiving anything in return. Your service at an NCMOM event also highlights the continued problem of access to care to the citizens, legislature, and leaders of North Carolina.

For more information & schedule of events, contact the North Carolina Dental Society at (919) 677-1396 or go to

To make a tax deductible donation or learn more about fund raising activities to the NC Dental Health Fund, email: