Continuing Education


(a) The number of hours completed to satisfy the continuing education requirement shall be indicated on the renewal application form submitted to the Board and certified by the hygienist. Upon request by the Board or its authorized agent, the hygienist shall provide documentation of attendance at courses indicated. Such documentation shall be provided by the organization offering or sponsoring the course.

Documentation must include:

(1) the title;

(2) the number of hours of instruction;

(3) the date of the course attended;

(4) the name(s) of the course instructor(s); and

(5) the name of the organization offering or sponsoring the course.

(b) All records, reports and certificates relative to continuing education hours must be maintained by the licensee for at least two years and shall be produced upon request of the Board or its authorized agent.

(c) Dental hygienists shall receive four hours credit per year for continuing education when engaged in the following:

(1) service on a full-time basis on the faculty of an educational institution with direct involvement in education, training, or research in dental or dental auxiliary programs; or

(2) service on a full-time basis with a federal, state or county government agency whose operation is directly related to dentistry or dental auxiliaries.

Verification of credit hours shall be maintained in the manner specified in this Rule.

(d) Evidence of service or affiliation with an agency as specified in Paragraph (c) of this Rule shall be in the form of verification of affiliation or employment which is documented by a director or an official acting in a supervisory capacity.

(e) Hygienists who work at least 20 hours per week in an institution or entity described in Subparagraph (c)(1) or (2) of this Rule shall receive two hours credit per year for continuing education.

(f) Hygienists may receive one hour of continuing education credits per year for performing at least five hours of dental hygiene on a volunteer basis at any state, city or county operated site approved by the Dental Board. Credit will not be given for less than five hours of volunteer work.