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NCDHA Governmental Affairs Committee

Advocacy is an important component in any organization and its members to make legislators aware of their positions on policy issues. Scope of practice, patient access to care, and reimbursement of Medicaid are all examples of issues that require advocacy at the state level. The involvement of every dental hygienist in NC is critical to the success of any advocacy efforts.

NCDHA’s Governmental Affairs Committee promotes the interests of all dental hygienists in North Carolina and works with component dental hygiene associations on issues that are important to you as a dental professional. It is our goal to also work with other organizations and agencies concerned with oral health including the NC Dental Society, the NC Board of Dental Examiners, and the NC Dental Assistants Association to advocate for quality oral health care and professional standards of practice that protect the oral health of our patients and clients.

CHAIR 2017-2018

Ginny Price
Legislative Links:

Legislation Information

Information about bills and legislative contacts text can be found at

You can search for bills by # or by key word, such as “dental” in the “Search Bill Text” at the top of the page.You can also find out who represents you in the Senate & House by clicking on the “Who Represents Me?” tab on this same page. If you already know your senator and representative, contact information can be found by using the pull down feature in the Box listed by View Member Information at the top of the page.


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