Strategic Plan

(Adopted 07/21/2012 by NCDHA Board of Trustees)

1. MEMBERSHIP Goal: The dental hygiene community will understand the value of ADHA/NCDHA membership and choose to belong.


· Increase our relevance to members, dental hygiene students and potential members.

2. INFRASTRUCTURE Goal: ADHA/NCDHA will have the infrastructure to pursue current and future opportunities.


· Increase ADHA/NCDHA resources.

· Increase communications/awareness of the value and importance of ADHA’s/NCDHA’s infrastructure.

3. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Goal: ADHA/NCDHA will advance the dental hygiene profession through collaborative partnerships.


· Create effective alliances in dental hygiene education and accreditation.

· Increase organized dental hygiene’s involvement in the development of new workforce models.

· Enhance collaborative partnerships with corporations, foundations and funding entities.

4. THE PROFESSION Goal: ADHA/NCDHA will lead progressive change and growth of the dental hygiene profession.


· Evolve the profession of dental hygiene.

· Support efforts to increase access to oral health care.