Erika Spring, RDH, MEd
Saturday 1:30-3:30pm
Location: Winston 1AB
Courtesy of Hu-Friedy & NCDHA

Course Description:

As a result of a life-changing event, Erika Spring has a passion for teaching about the Oral Systemic Link. During this course, she will be sharing practical, proven, and life-saving strategies to diagnose, form a treatment plan, and even get patients to SAY YES.

Be ready to learn:

● How lack of time and money could be killing our patients

● The 30-second tool that could save your patient’s life

● Ways to help your dentist see the profit upside of protocol implementation

● How to reduce patient fear by exhibiting true concern.

● How to change the case acceptance conversation from $ to value

● A sure-fire method to giving a consistent message to your patients

● Taking the NO for cleaner teeth and turning it into a YES for better health Real – world strategies for leveraging the oral – systemic link to increase case acceptance and improve patient outcomes